Silicone Rubber- Window and Door

Window & Door Sealant

WD_Silicone Rubber_Ext_Door

This highlty flexible, minimally shrinking sealant provides a watertight seal around windows, doors and trim. The 100% silicone formulation offers outstanding protection against weather damage. It is especially effective in areas subject to heavy wear. Commonly applied at windows, doors, trim and siding.

fiberglass, glass, plaster, vinyl, wood, some metals, some plastics


  • Cured caulk is mildew and rust resistant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Highly flexible, watertight seal
  • Interior/exterior use
  • Minimal shrinking
  • Protects against heat and water damage


Meets or exceeds performance requirements of Federal Specification TT-S-001543A Class A (COM-NBS) for silicone building sealants and TT-S-00230C Class A (COM-NBS) for one-component sealants, ASTM C-92

SKU Listing
Product # Color Size Material Safety Sheet UPC
WL09217 White 10.0 fl. oz. Download 023275092174
WL09017 Clear 10.0 fl. oz. Download 023275090170
WL09715 Gray 10.0 fl. oz. Download 023275097155
Product #1
Product # WL09217
Color White
Size 10.0 fl. oz.
Material Safety Sheet Download
UPC 023275092174
Product #2
Product # WL09017
Color Clear
Size 10.0 fl. oz.
Material Safety Sheet Download
UPC 023275090170
Product #3
Product # WL09715
Color Gray
Size 10.0 fl. oz.
Material Safety Sheet Download
UPC 023275097155